The Benefits of Rattan


Call us biased, but we could sing the praises of Rattan Garden Furniture all day! But to make it easier, here's a list for the benefits of Rattan:


It doesn't matter how trendy or in style a piece of furniture is, if it can't facilitate hours of maximum comfort while kicking back and relaxing while you scroll through tik tok, or wait on the BBQ burgers to be thoroughly overcooked, then we don't want it! Rattan is one of the most comfortable seats you can get, boasting a very slight yield but with good support. Complimented perfectly by the thick weatherproof cushions, we can assure that hours will pass by without knowing in the comfort of a rattan set.

Light-weight & durable

The Idea of shifting a whole corner sofa set let alone a dining set around the garden is enough to make us sweat, but with rattan, it's not even a thought! Thanks to the expert design of rattan garden furniture, the lightweight and durable frame surrounded by PE rattan makes moving effortless whenever you fancy a change!


Keep in mind that your cushions might not be as up to the task of surviving a rainy day, so maybe take them inside when you're not using them or pop them in a handy weather resitant storage box.

Other than the few weeks of sun we get over here in the UK, a lot of days are grey and rainy, which can be a concern for protecting your outdoor furniture. But, this is the magic of Rattan, its completely weatherproof! Let the heavens open and poor down, the next day your rattan set will be fine. And for the few weeks of sun mentioned, rattan garden furniture is also resistant to UV rays.

Easy to maintain

Rattan garden furniture is so easy to maintain, you don't need any expensive wood or steel cleaner to ensure that your rattan furniture sofa stays clean. Just use a soft washcloth and hot dishwashing soap water to clean as needed. Maybe grab a toothbrush to get in all the little bits between with weaves too. But other than that, it's really simple!

Suitable to any style

Whether you're modern and sophisticated, bo-ho chic or part of the Mrs Hinch army, you can dress up your rattan garden furniture to suit any style, with a few blankets and cushions you can change up the whole look of the set and your garden! Not to mention the huge choice of configurations to compliment you space from cube sets and rising table sets all the way to day beds and egg chairs