What sort of rattan set should I get?


Wondering what sort of rattan set you should get for you garden or patio? We've put together a little buying guide for you to make your choice a little simpler.

Small Space, but stylish?

If you're looking to get something on a smaller side and not splash too much cash, we recommend you go for one of our Sofa Sets. Super lightweight a durable they come in at the lower end of our price ranges and fit pretty easily into most spaces. If you're wanting to keep the style up, the mixed grey colours are most popular and look great! Below pictured is our Algarve 4 seater sofa set with coffee table in mixed grey with dark cushions (L) and our Roma 4 seater Mixed Grey Sofa set with Coffee Table and Light Cushions (R)

Suitable for family with young kids

Finding a Rattan Garden Furniture Set that suitable for a young family has never been easier, we've got a range of sets that are ideal for family's to gather round for sunday BBQ's! Our personal favourites would be The Milano and the Malibu, although we really could recommend a long list, these two just edge it.

The Milano (L) comes with arm chairs, which we find perfect for welcoming youngsters, you can eat and drink in peace knowing the kids are secure with the arms around them, although we don't recommend to take your eyes of them complete, as relaxing as our sets are.

The Malibu (R) 10 seater dining set with bench is great for getting everyone a seat round the table. We all know those long hot summer holidays when the kids have all their friends around, this set will easily accommodate them, the bench makes it ideal for getting a fair few around the rattan dining set without anyone feeling left out!